2. I count it a privilege to awake each day with the opportunity to turn ideas into reality.

    Twenty-one years ago, we began Premiere Speakers Bureau. By simply identifying opportunities to better serve our clientele of high- visibility speakers, we are now diversified in the publishing, entertainment, and transportation sectors.

    Please enjoy experiencing our world below and we thank you in advance for making the Premiere Choice.

    Duane Ward, CEO

  3. Our Companies

    Premiere International operates as parent company to nine diverse brands. Each company provides a unique, world-class product or service to their respective industry.

    Premiere Speakers Bureau, Inc.

    One of the world’s leading speakers bureaus exclusively representing over 70 speakers and partnering with more than 2,000 events per year.

    Premiere Collectibles, Inc.

    America's Largest online bookstore for Autographed Books - both current best-selling titles and rare classic books.

    Premiere Marketing, Inc.

    The Largest provider of National Book Tours for Best-Selling authors in the US.

    Premiere Transportation, LLC

    Operating America's largest fleet of Executive Coaches utilized for political campaigns, book tours, and corporate tours.

    Bulk Books

    provides event planners, authors and general customers to select from over 150,000 titles and order the books in bulk.

    Premiere Digital

    Publishing both fiction and non-fiction titles in e-book format distributed globally via multiple platforms.

    Premiere Authors, LLC

    Representing many of today's leading authors for their publishing relationships.

    Proctor & Gamble Speakers Bureau

    In partnership with the Proctor & Gamble Alumni Network, this bureau features many of the world’s CEO’s and executives.

    Live Signing

    provides publishers and authors a live, online, booksigning option.

  4. Our Executive Team

    Duane Ward


    All Premiere International companies
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    Shawn Hanks


    Premiere Speakers Bureau
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    Ira Akers


    Premiere Collectibles
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    Jason Griffin

    Vice President

    Premiere Transportation
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    Frank Breeden


    Premiere Authors
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    Chris Yount

    Chief Information Officer

    Premiere International
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    Sherry Olson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Premiere International
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    Andrew Kolvet


    Premiere Entertainment
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  5. Our Story

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    Premiere Speakers Bureau

    Founded in 1994, Premiere Speakers began in a Home Office and now employees over 30 staff members for the purpose of scheduling and executing 2000 events annually. Premiere is a member of the International Association of Speaker Bureaus and has received numerous awards in the industry.

    Premiere Transportation

    Founded in 1998, Premiere Transportation started with one bus and has grown to a fleet of twelve. Premiere has transported many US political leaders and foreign dignitaries. Fortune 500 and the Nation's largest publishing houses utilize Premiere Transportation for executive transport.

    Premiere Collectibles

    Founded in 2001, Premiere Collectibles launched a website with four autographed book titles and has now grown to become the largest retailer of autographed books in the world. Now with over five hundred current best-selling titles and hundreds of rare books, Premiere Collectibles is the one-stop shop for all book collectors.

    Premiere Marketing

    In 2003 Premiere Marketing was created to provide book tour services for the speakers represented by Premiere Speakers Bureau. Premiere Marketing has now grown to dominate the national book tour market, executing hundreds of successful book tours with many of the nation’s leading publishing companies.

    Premiere Authors

    Founded in 2004 and based in Washington, DC, Premiere Authors provides full service representation to speakers and authors for their projects in the publishing industry.

    P&G Alumni Network Speakers Bureau

    Premiere Speakers Bureau and the P&G Alumni Network partnered to create a bureau representing many of the world’s leading CEO’s and executives. These leaders are alumni of Proctor & Gamble and are actively involved in the Alumni Association. Content is specifically focused on leadership, marketing and branding.

    Premiere Digital

    In 2013, Premiere International purchased an existing E-Book company featuring Fiction Titles and subsequently launched a non fiction e-book platform to serve the general marketplace needs within the e-book industry.


    Launched initially for the event planners for the 2000+ events scheduled each year thru Premiere Speakers Bureau for the purpose of ordering books for their event, the scope quickly expanded to service the needs of corporations, schools and universities, and general public needs.


    After producing national booktours for 20+ years thru Premiere Marketing, the need for an online version of a booksigning became obvious for authors who are unable to travel for signings - and to expand their fan base electronically.

  6. Our Locations